Tuesday, April 30

US a third world country

I live in a third world country but my rights of housing and access to hospitals and education are guaranteed.

In US the government can evict people without explanation especially those who are poorer.
In Detroit, as Abayomi Azikiwe reports in the article "Privatizing Detroit: Residents Evicted and Displaced by Corporate Interests", people are receiving hand written notices saying that they have to leave their houses in thirty days.
Even in slums it is not possible to evict people this way here in Brazil.

We have public hospitals that don't charge a single cent and public schools from high schools to college.

I did high school and college without paying and the federal university is considered one of the best.

Seriously, it is appalling what is happening in US and it will require a lot of time so that Americans can have back what they lost in the last decade.
NDAA passed the Senate. Read Frank Hagler's article about NDAA "Why The NDAA Bill is Even Scarier Than You Thought".

The police cannot come to my house and arrest me without reason and a trial must be done so that the sentence is proportional to the crime.

I focused on housing, education and health but there are more indicators that US is becoming a third world country. "10 Signs the US is becoming a Third World Country".

I hope Americans start fighting for their rights for it is vital for the world.