Wednesday, September 1

Paco de Lucia, Johnny Depp, Marlon Brandon Faye Dunaway and Bryan Adams welcome September

September, for those who are below the Equator, is the prelude of warm times. I did chose Paco de Lucia to welcome the month and we can all stay warm in heart that is the important place. Entre dos Aguas is one of his most famous musics and I remember the first time I heard it back in the end of the 70ies I wanted to listen to it one more time, one more... and it is still so. We can all stay warm dancing or watching flamenco dancers:
"Also Flamenco dance has changed, specially female dancers try to rather showcase their temperament than artistry. The Flamenco guitar that formerly was just featuring the dancers arrived to be a soloistical art form, great virtuoso Paco de Lucia being the pioneer of that development. Mass medias have brought Flamenco to the world stage, but deeply it has always been and will remain an intimate kind of music. You have not listened authentical Flamenco if not in a juerga with a small group of friends, at midnight somewhere in the South of Spain, when there is nothing around but the voice, the guitar and the body of a dancer moving in the moonlight."
In the meantime take a look at these photos of dancers. Paco de Lucia has recorded and participated in films such as Carmen by Carlos Saura and in 1995 was featured in Bryan Adams hit "Have you ever loved a woman" for the movie Don Juan deMarco. I watched the movie and I have good recollections and Marlon Brandon is still on my mind. "So tell me have you ever really - really really ever loved a woman?" Have a great September! Music unites people. Update: September, 3 You can click at the video "Rio Ancho" when the first video finishes. It is as amazing and also very known music. I wonder how some people can go through life without knowing some of the incredible things some people created. Paco de Lucia is at this list for me.

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