Friday, September 3

Three Flags by Jasper Johns

I think that if you live in America you might have already seen a reproduction of the "Three Flags", 1958, by Jasper Johns or any of his other works with the American flag. If you did see it you now it is time for the question: "what does it means?"; "what does he want to say with this?" and surely other things are coming to your mind. Sad news: I have a fever today and my body is aching all over. Please, search at Google. You can start at this site here. Wish me luck. It is aching... reasoning disappears and we only want to get better. Leave me a comment telling what did you find about Jasper Johns. :) You can teach how to fish or... I don't remember the saying.. bed.. bed..


Theron said...

Thank you Ana. I like very much how you apreciate various things of the world. You always present beauty in your posts but, at the same time, I sense a deep sadness. I hope your back is feeling better now.

Ana said...

Thank you. It is getting better.
It is sadness but related to anger of so many sad things that happen in the world, including some circumstances of my life.
But at the same time I have sense of humor and amazing people to admire.


Theron said...

Yes, and you find very beautiful things to share with the world in spite of your suffering. Thank you.

Ana said...

I'm not suffering that much!
Funny you only saw this emotion and was not able to see joy and humor.
I'm a normal neurotic person who has sadness, happiness, anger and all emotions related to human condition.
Fortunately bitterness is not included on the list.
Listen to Paco de Lucia and cheer up!

Anonymous said...

This pic has a meaning said but true. All Americans think about is themselves, therefore there are 3 flags meaning Me, Me, Me.

Ana said...

All Americans?
American government doesn't represent people for a long time.
Americans have all kind of problems like no jobs, no health insurance no plans for the future.
They even lost some civil liberties that was conquered because of people's fight.
Don't hate American people.
But American government is really causing lots of suffering.
Sad, yes, too sad.