Sunday, September 5

Suzanne Valadon model and artist helps seeing the difference among impressionists

Suzanne Valadon started modeling for impressionists at a very young age following her mother's steps but she did fight not to be stigmatized and treated like a whore like her mother. She became herself a painter and her son Maurice Utrillo is a known artist. She modeled for Degas, Renoir, Puvis de Chavannes, Toulouse-Lautrec and others. I didn't know it was her at this work by Toulouse Lautrec, The hangover, 1888 and another Lautrec's work I like, The Laundress, and published here. By looking at the way the impressionists portrayed her what is striking is that it is possible to see the different approach of impressionists. Too much is said about what impressionists have in common and few about every artist uniqueness. I will just publish the Lautrec today because I really like this work and leave the others for another post.

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