Monday, September 27


The account from my other blog has been stolen and I don't have access to the blog and to Gmail. If you are at my list of this e-mail you might receive an e-mail claiming that I'm at Scotland and need money. It is not me. I'm trying to fix the problem. It's very easy to hack a password as you can see at this video. I hope that Google finds a way to protect us and those who blog should have access to the account with if the account is stolen. I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible.
This is the e-mail that is being sent with my account and my name:
  • Assistance Please(Help)‏

Hello, How are you doing? hope all is well with you, I know this might be a surprise to you but I am sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to Scotland in United Kingdom for a Seminar. I was robbed on my way to the hotel and I lost wallet and other valuable things, I am accessing my email from the internet cafe now and I have limited access to the internet, I will like you to assist with the sum of £1,500 GBP to sort-out my hotel bills in which I promise to refund immediately I return home. I've been to a bank and they said the only way I can get money using my passport is by Western Union, I will appreciate whatever you can afford and and i'll pay you back as soon as I return. Get back to me so I can email you the details you need to send the money Thank you so much and sorry to bother you.
I've just received an e-mail from Google saying they cannot give this account back.
How am I going to access my blog?
This is quite a situation.
It seems that once you lost your password you lose access to your blog. I have trued all that Google propose and it is impossible. Now what?
This is the Google form you have to fill if someone hack your account. You have to remember five e-mail addresses, the date of your account creation, date of last successful login, five labels... (what are these?)...
If I knew it I would have copied all the informations necessary and save it in my computer.
I didn't know about the verification code. We have a verification code at Google somewhere.
I didn't lost only an account for e-mails. I lost the account for my blog.
I don't believe it!
The person who stole it can publish at my blog. I can't. Amazing!
Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers received the e-mail and said that he has already got it by the time one of his friends had his account compromised.
I don't understand how can it be that Google don't pay attention at these problems.
We have to do everything to assure security.
The problem is that even if one changes the password everyday these people would have done it anyway.
Those who have accounts with blogs should have a way to access their blogs in another way aside Google's account.
Don't they think about it?
I'm searching a way to get my account, and blog of course, and I found many people reporting the same at Blogger but have no help. This is one of them reporting the same problem I have:

HELP! Someone's hacked my account, changed my password--same gmail account name and password for my blog!Report abuse

Level 1 11/23/09
My gmail account was hacked this morning. Someone got in and changed the password and the secondary email address to some email (I live in the states!) I've filled out the forms from google (twice!), and I've received two responses: "unable to verify I own my account." However, the questions they asked are the exact month and year I created my google account! I have no idea! It was years ago!! They aren't asking questions that allow you TO verify your own account! Now, I can't access my blogs (yes, PLURAL). No where to turn! No one to call! Nothing. How do I get my blogs back????? Email is one thing, but all my blogs are now in control of someone else in the world? I feel sooooo robbed. HELP!
It seems I will have to say justAna goodbye. I'm glad I created another account for this one. But I will change for a safer place. I feel so robbed!
I have access to the Statcounter but cannot access the blog. Kafka would love it!


D Bunker said...

I am so sorry Ana. The internet security is indeed terrible.

D Bunker

Mike Golch said...

Ana,I'm sorry that you got hacked,I did get that email I just deleted the email.

Ana said...

Yes D Bunker. It is amazing that a password speaks louder than an IP or a person.

You got the e-mail...

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Sorry to hear about your blog.
Please visit my blog and pick up your You Inspire Me Award.

Radagast said...

Well, if I get the email, I'll be sure to write back...


Ana said...

Thank you Herrad!

You will not receive because your address was mixed with someone else. Your name and the e-mail of another person. So i deleted it recently and was going to save your e-mail next time exchanged a conversation.
Thank you.