Saturday, May 30

Shiseido: I found the foundation

I said here that I'm starting to be interested in makeup and that finding the right foundation is extremely hard.

Yesterday I found Shiseido' Radiant Lifting foundation color 160  and I loved it.

The price is obscene.and I thought, and thought... and thought - "how can it be that a foundation costs almost half the price of the minimum wage?" - said my conscious side while the shallow side answered: "but is is your face and it looks very good".

I got out of the shop and walked in circles around the mall... I could only think about the foundation.
"Ok! I'll buy it. Fukitol!"

These are my first impressions about this foundation since today is the first day I'm wearing it.
The best thing about this foundation is that it evens the skin and gives it a glow but it feels like we are not wearing a foundation. The color is perfect for my skin and it does not have either a yellow or a pink undertone. The color looks natural.

If you like matte foundation this is not the one for you since it is creamy which makes it easy to apply and a tiny drop covers all the face.
I apply translucent or a very thin fair colored powder on the T-zone so that it doesn't look oily.
My skin is dry and most foundations available on the market are for oily skin.

I was trying  Lancôme Teint Visionnaire foundation and I liked it a lot but I was not sure about the concealer that comes with it. So the girl who was helping me brought Shiseido's and I did choose it but maybe, I would have to try again, Lancôme's gives the exact amount of glow that doesn't require powder.

Shideido's Radiant Lifting claims a lot of things:

  • "Smooth Wrap Oil and Hydroxyproline provide abundant moisture to the help counteract wrinkles and firm the skin" 

I loved the foundation but please don't tell me that it will help my skin go back in time. It is a foundation, just a foundation and this is what I was looking for. Radiant "Lifting"? I want my money back because it is not happening and I'm pretty sure that as time goes by things will keep aging.
Aging is part of life and not a disease.
Why can't we age in peace and without all these traumas?
A lot of things are constantly surrounding our minds to make us feel insecure and unhappy about our appearance during our entire life.
We have to do our best but not extremely vigilant or we'll never be at peace with our bodies.

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