Wednesday, May 27

Lost in the makeup world

Finding the best foundation is not easy and the right color is part of the problem. I'm amazed with the amount of brands available on the market.

In some countries, like in Brazil, the purchase of some brands has to be done online because those makeup shops that were all over the town have almost disappeared. The prize when converted to Brazilian currency is "obscene" but some women consume it in a  compulsive way. buy and buy...
I don't think any woman needs more than two good foundations - I'm still trying to find them - and two BB creams.

For the moment I'm using L'oreal and Nivea BB creams and Maybelline Super Stay 24 shade classic beige medium.  I heard that! "Oh! drugstore makeup?" Yes, why not? I bought an expensive Clinique one but the light of the store was no good. I tried it for four days applying in different ways and tried to correct the color with powder and it didn't work. I phoned Clinique and they were kind enough to refund me. That made more afraid of buying something that doesn't work.
Samples? No. There is not such a thing so people think it is normal to spend a lot of money in a product that they'll not use.

There is one Sephora store and even there are some good brands missing.
For the moment I'm giving up. I feel strange in Sephora watching women hypnotized by the products as if they were a kind of miraculous potions and after using it three times something new is needed.
I don't have a fetishist relation with makeup. It is just as another tool.

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