Friday, May 22

Celebrities without makeup by Wayne Goss "They are just like you and me"

I've been watching Wayne Goss videos because I would like to learn how to apply makeup. It's not easy to find the right products, the colors... sometimes I feel like giving up.

There are millions of videos of girls making tutorials and explaining but when you do it>" FAIL"
Wayne Goss is an "independent" professional, meaning he has no ties with industries, and he gives great tips that helps a lot. He is not compliant and is always ready to say what he really thinks.

I decided to share this video for the same reason Wayne did it: to remind us that they look gorgeous because they are wearing makeup.

I'll not even talk about the surgeries and all the treatments they are submitted for this is another topic and as we have being exposed to so many faces with muscles that don't move and lips that all of a sudden get fuller it is a little obvious.
This is not about judging people - men do them two - for doing it all. It is about raising awareness that we should not feel bad about ourselves because we're not size 0 (zero) and our face and body are... normal.

We must not feel insecure about our natural ugliness. Mankind has always created ideals to be achieved so we can assume that it is part of human condition feeling ugly.
I'm ugly and I'm proud!

Wayne Goss

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