Monday, October 24

Jeremy: Eddie Vedder's live

*This song is about Jeremy Welle who took his life at the age of 15 years-old at Richardson High School at his classroom in front of thirty teenagers like him. He did put a gun in his mouth and shoot in January, 1991. I just found this video and the way Eddie Vedder sings impressed me even thou I've always been impressed by the official clip and other performances. I'm not alone and other people left comments expressing their amazement with this interpretation.

and why Jeremy is the greatest and deepest song ever performed. This is more than Live, there should be another definition for this theatrical dramatic feeling

It is a very known video. Jeremy's story* is shocking and many people feel his pain and can relate to him and some teenagers sing Jeremy as if it could be their story.
"Try to forget it"... impossible for many. "I don't need no mom and dad." that is said by Eddie at the end is the first line of "Sonic Reducer" by the band "Dead Boys".

When the era many teenagers have such a story as catharsis started? This is an issue that has to be discussed not by psychiatrist that will diagnose and prescribe drugs that induce suicide, like Prozac-like antidepressants, and have side effects that can last forever even when the medicine is not taken anymore.

It seems that family is a key element here and we are no longer talking about the old "conflict of generations" when a dialog was not entirely possible. It is something deeper.
This is a problem that requires an interdisciplinary approach. We are talking about children's and teenagers existential condition and this is the period that will stay in the memory of every human being forever.

The silence about suicide must be broken because there are many people that are haunted by this idea on a daily basis.

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