Tuesday, October 11

Fail Romanian police and media headline funny fails

"Action takes place in Bucharest (Romania).Police were on the trail of suspects for financial fraud. They took loans from banks with false documents." Uploaded by lucio8800 in 02/08/2011.
I have this video at my draft collection since August and I still did not published because I was not sure if it was "sharing worthy".It still make's me laugh so... there it goes with some of of the comments people are leaving at YouTube:
"They should have got 2 pretty ladies to knock on the door first."
"Where do i get one of these doors?"
"We need backup, the door is hostile"
"i bet the guy with the camera is like:"this is so going on youtube""
"'knock knock. Whos there.`?'"
"Then the suspect came around the corner, and asked the police what they were doing to his door."
"where to buy ?"
"Haha, imagine if it was the wrong door!"
"police "0" door "1":)"
"best door lock commercial ever!!!"
""Crap we got the wrong door""
"guys forgot their donuts inside^^"
"chuck norris would kick them down in one try."
"Russian burglars open it in under 3 minutes..."
"did they try knocking?"
"If the carpenter who installed this door is watching this - just leave your phone number."
"grab a fucking axe ;) he probably had time to get a drink, delete evidence and escape ;)"
The left Fail is a bonus.

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