Thursday, October 20

Martyr Square pictures of celebration of Qaddafi's death manipulations

Mainstream media is not journalism: it has to do with indoctrination and manipulation. They don't inform, they misinform and creates fictions as it was already shown here.
The headline of the article uses the word tyrant to refer to Qaddafi. He is called other names.
This is one of Reuter's pictures of the alleged celebration of Qaddafi's death in Tripoli that are at Mirror a clear pro-NATO version.
Take a look at the flags. Only one of the flags is different and the others are same size, same color, same pole. I wonder from where these flags, ten? twelve? appeared. (click at the picture to enlarge)
The caption of the pictures gives a version of what is happening that is not proven.
What are these men saying to each other? Why are they pointing their fingers in a defying way?
Now the number of people celebrating:
There is a group in the middle and we can see observers surrounding. They are not celebrating. They are looking at those with the flags.
But the captions gives the impression that it is describing what is happening:
"Martyrs Square is packed": do you consider this group a huge crowd?
"Libyans share their joy at the news": Do we know who these people are?
"Libyans welcome the news": What about those who are watching?
"Libyans share their joy at the news": All the Libyans? The whole country is partying?
This is how they tell people what to think. Read the article with a critical mind and see if what you read and see reflects an unquestionable truth.
If you want to know what many people thought about Qaddafi that is not the sanguinary dictator portrayed by the mainstream media read "The Qaddafi I Know" by A. Akbar Muhammad who traveled in Libya with Minister Louis Farrakhan.


dennis hodgson said...

"Mainstream media is not journalism"...good point.

However, Ana, you may not know that the Mirror is a red-top tabloid that isn't renowned in the UK for the quality of its journalism. For a start, it is against the current UK government and will print anything to further its own agenda.

Of course there are questions to be asked about the exact circumstances of Gaddafi's death, but I shed no tears. He was a tyrant, a ruthless and dangerous dictator who terrorized his own people and the rest of the world, supplying arms to the IRA, for example, and arranging for that Pan-Am flight to be blown up over Lockerbie in 1988 (by the way, I've worked in Libya).

Ana said...

Yes, and what The Mirror did in this article is manipulation pure and simple.
There are many ways to be against the situation and I didn't read this newspaper enough to talk about what they do but whenever I went to their site I was not impressed and seldom read their articles.
It will be difficult for me to see Qaddafi as the monster I once believed he was.
I've been searching this 8 months and listening from those who are Libyans.
He is not an angel but not this devil.
John Lennon was also accused of giving money to IRA.
US government supplies armaments for both sides and the US federal budget dedicates more than 50% of the money to the war industry.
When did you work at Libya and what was your impression?
You might have your views from this period your work there.
Did you blend to the community or had problems because of the language?
I have a friend that worked in Germany for two years and doesn't know how to speak German.
Learned nothing about the culture. She only worked and spend time with Brazilians friends.
I'm not sure if she remember the name of the city she was living. lol