Wednesday, October 12

Veterinary aims profit just like medicine

Last week I said that my dog would have surgery but it was cancelled.
As I know what medicine is doing to human beings so I started searching for veterinary and it is the same: money speaks louder than health.
I am suspicious about the vet and will have to find someone for a second opinion.
I am very frustrated, sad and angry* because it is outrageous to live in a era where you cannot trust health professionals.
When greed is above health I don't know...
Be careful when your pet needs treatment and don't give them vaccines because the side effects are also not informed just the way medicine is doing to humans.
* I'm very, very angry!!!!!

Update: 10/13, 2011
I went to another vet and I was right. She has one tumor on her head and others at her body but the only one that needs to be removed is the one on the head.
She is already 12 years-old and the other tumors must not be removed because it would cause an imbalance that would make other tumors appear.
The anesthesia will be a light one that last only for the time of the surgery.
Bottom line: trust your instincts and ask for a second opinion whenever you feel that something is not right.
We usually think that we are being judgmental and it is all in our heads.
No! There are good and bad professionals and our instincts work very well in revealing the bad ones once we have the knowledge that medicine and veterinary don't care about health.
Search for the good ones.


Ekkem said...

well i agree. we live in an era where money is everything. *sigh*

Ana said...


susan said...

I am sorry your Nell is feeling bad. I hope she gets well soon

Ana said...

I just came from the vet and did an update.
She will have the tumor of the head removed.
She will be fine.