Wednesday, October 5

Cat, dogs and clouds

My dog will have surgeries next week to remove two tumors. These pictures
are dedicated to her. The right one seems to be a photoshop but it is a beautiful artificial pareidolia.
The left one... is it also a photoshop? I don't know. I found both without the name of the authors.
Photophop or not I like both. Have a great Tuesday and if you have a cat or dog I hope s/he is in good health and you too.


Balqis said...

Sorry to hear of your dog's illness. I hope everything will go well and she'll be back to normal.

There's a dog in the sky. The clouds formed into the shape of a dog. Amazing! And I can't take my eyes off the left photo. How adorable the dog is! They are friends. :)

Ana said...

She will be fine. It is bleeding today and I got nervous. I hope it stops with what the treatment the doctor prescribed.
She has to sleep but she doesn't want. I'm glad she is active and it's not affecting her mood.
Yes, I liked these pictures.