Friday, September 25

Visiting Van Gogh's Bedroom

I believe that Van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles is one of the most famous of his works. I have visited the 3D version at Second life as well as some others of these reconstitutions. It's an interesting experience but I prefer the image I have in my mind of the actual work I saw at the Louvre museum. It looks so cold all these perfect lines and colours without the thick of the painting and total lack of hues and textures. I feel home when I see the paintings while here I feel I'm inside a house.


Sandee said...

They are both beautiful. I've not seen the original, but I really like these. I would love to see the original though.

Have a terrific day Ana. Off to the boat for us. :)

Ana said...

Already at the boat?
I thought it was on Saturdays. I will join you this weekend.
Have a terrific day you too.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

What I have done is to receate the views that Van Gogh saw, not the actual paintings. You say it looks cold with perfect lines and colours without the texture of the paint. That's because his brush strokes never were on the objects but on the canvas. I think you have missed the point of my sim but thanks for taking the time for posting the pictures.


Ana said...

Hi Anonymous!
This is the second time I see a 3d Van Gogh recreation.
Do you know Peter Clement's work?
He did a good job but I think it's cold.
It is very interesting but as I said at the post I miss the texture of the painting on the canvas's surface.
I hope you understand that.
I loved the experience at your sim and I will visit it again.
Please don't take what I wrote as a critic to your work.
I'm not a critic and I try to tell about what I feel.
I have other pictures I took at your sim and I like them a lot.
I must put the emphasis on what I like of your work.
Sorry I didn't publish your name but I will do it next time I publish your work.
Thank you for dropping by!