Saturday, September 19

Jorge Pontual interviews Bob Geldof

"When you are told about something, when you are informed about something that is evil, to do nothing is to be complicity." Bob Geldolf Jorge Pontual is a Braziliam journalist that lives in New York for more than ten years and works as a freelancer for this Brazilian channel where he interviews intellectuals, activists and the most amazing people. He has a blog New York on Time that I follow for more than two years because he loves art, poetry and publishes many things that makes me admire him. This interview with the activist Bob Geldolf broadcast on 9, 14 shows that Bob Geldolf is not only a rock star who decided to promote himself as many people said about him and Bono. He is deeply concerned and knows a lot about Africa. I saw his documentary for BBC where he travels around some African countries. (here is a part of it at YouTube) I'm publishing the interview now because I don't know for how long it will be available. The first minute is Jorge's voice in Portuguese but soon Bob Geldolf appears. Take half an hour to watch it and know why your stats almost doesn't show African countries visits.

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