Tuesday, September 29

Award - Most Inspirational Blog

Sandee at Comedy Plus has honored me with this award and receiving it from her adds a special appeal because she is always inspiriting bloggers. As usual the list of friends that I would like to share this award is long. These are my choices for the moment and I might update it in the afternoon: Bob Fiddaman at Seroxat Sufferers Catatonic Kid at Catatonic Kid Cathy at Dare to Think Cheryl at Wishing and Discovering D Bunker at Psychiatry, It's a Killing Diane at Good Morning Glory! Gianna at Beyond Meds Herrad at Access Denied Katharine at kath.A.rine Kim at Invincible Summers Mari at 365 Days; Marj at Survivors can Thrive! Mark at PsychSurvivor 2.0 Marian at Different Thoughts Matthew at It's quite an experience Naturalgal at Naturalgal's Weblog Stephany at Soulful Sepulcher Susan at If you're going thought hell keep going Update: Why we always "forget" important people? There they go and I want to say I'm sorry I still didn't put your names. I'm already becoming senile... Cathy at Dare to Think Cheryl at Wishing and Discovering.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Ana :)) So kind! And what a beautiful image. I adore it.

love and happy vibes,

Diane said...

thank you!!!! nothing like a sweet award on a gloomy cold morning like this!! aahhh! now i feel all warm and cozy lol!

and congrats to you and all your other recipients!!

have a terrific day!!!

susan said...

Thank you so much Ana. i am very touched.

Sandee said...

Thanks for passing this award along Ana. I so love awards, and you are so deserving.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Marj aka Thriver said...

Wow! thank you, Ana! I am honored. I, too, really like the award image. Now, if I can just get it to load on my blog. I seem to only be successful with those about half the time. :P

Mark p.s.2 said...

Thank you Ana!

Stephany said...

Thanks Ana, so very nice!


Thank you very much for this award.

I'll upload it shortly and pay on to other bloggers.

Keep up the good work Ana

Seroxat Sufferers

Ana said...

I'm so glad you all came!

Mari said...

Congrats to you and thanks for sharing!

Ana said...

Sweet Mari!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad you came!

Anonymous said...

Hi..I left a comment here yesterday and it never showed...

I'm not around much these days but this did show up somewhere and I'm so glad it did.

I'm very touched that you think of me.

I hope you are well dear Ana,

Ana said...

Of course I think of you!
I know you are not around and that's why I didn't send you an e-mail.
You have to take care, take care and take care of yourself.
This is what you have to do for the moment.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for the award, big hug.

Ana said...

I'm glad you came Herrad!

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Stephany told me.
Hope you are well.

clementine said...

months later....thank you my love

Ana said...

I'm glad you came. No matter the time.