Friday, October 22

My Comment on Youtube was deleted - it is about Psychiatry malpractice

"Thank you Dr. Healy.
You always give the broad picture of everything. Never heard of a physician that put the political, economical and cultural aspect of what they are explaining.

"So tiny and..."  my conclusion is always the opposite: "So tiny and causing so many illness."
I beg your pardon? 20:37 "... market Zoloft neither the names in the authorship line nor the people who run the trial, nor the ghostwriters, nor the FDA or the MHRA will have seen the data from these trials."

"So I´ve written to NICE, and, MHRA, and EMA, and FDA, all the major journals, all the politicians, the minister of health in all the departments of health in the western European archipelago, - that's England and Ireland for those who weren't sure what it is,  - and they all agree that the literature was ghost written and there's no access to the clinical trial data. Their response is to take the escape route that I offered them which is that it's not our job to police the medical literature raising the question of whose job is this."

Stop the world, the planet... the universe.
I'm glad I still have some innocence left and indignation.
Funny that UK Parliament talk about ghost writers in their 2005 review "The Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry".
Suicide ideation not related to the depression but as a side effect is also there."

I saved these comment because I wanted to remember some topics for I thought about posting it here.
Professor David Healy is a great source of knowledge for those who want to understand what is really happening to them and the pills they take.
I'll create a tag with his name for there are other posts I quote him.