Sunday, June 7

Ghosts and Lightning author Trevor Byrne interview at Second Life

.. and I was there. He is an Irish writer and "Ghosts and Lightning" is his first novel. I've just discovered the "Meet an Author" project and fortunately today's guess was Trevor Byrne. This is the description Jilly, the hostess who is also a writer and did a wonderful interview, wrote at her blog:

"Three free signed and personally inscribed copies of Trevor Byrne's novel 'Ghost's and Lightning' will be won by audience members at the next Meet an Author show and sent out internationally. Trevor is one of the most exciting new voices in Irish fiction. Acclaimed by Roddy Doyle as 'a very powerful writer', Trevor will be reading from his book 'Ghosts and Lightning', being interviewed and taking questions from the audience. This event will be filmed at the Written Word's Red Sky Club at 2pm SLT on Saturday 6th June. Stay around to chat to Trevor after the show.

Ghosts and Lightning is a fantastic tour de force written in Irish dialect and following the escapades of Denny as he returns to his home after the death of his mother. It's a fantastic romp following Denny and his friends, but there are deeper levels tracing Ireland's glorious past and comparing it to present day degeneration. Love and humour win the day. I loved it!"

I will have the opportunity to read it since they will send me a copy. Here you can find an interview with Trevor where he says:

"Joyce was born there and wrote the most beautiful ending to a short story ever, in the final passage of 'The Dead' . . . it's a deadly place, but it's complex, too. With the money dragged in by the Celtic Tiger, we became a little jealous, we were (to imx our metaphors) the dragon sitting on its hoard, biting and flame-belching at anyone who strayed too near. That bothers me. For a long time, we Irish prided ourselves as the world's friendliest nation, but it hadn't truly been put to the test. I feel we let ourselves down a little when the influx of foreigners began. And the politicians, and the church - urg, don't get me started."

I arrived early and met him, I mean his avatar and mine, and he said that "The Dead", the last piece of Joyce's "Dubliners", is one of his favorites.

I fear meeting authors that I already know the work because we always picture a person that has nothing to do with the reality. When will we remember that what we are reading is fictional? But this time I met the author and will read the work after.

I still didn't read any critics about his work but Jilly said that some of them got a little annoyed by some bad words and one of them has even counted the number of "f" words on a page or even if Irish people courses too much was discussed. This is very strange but Trevor said that they don't. lol

I'm amazed by the some projects at Second Life in Literature and Arts. It's also great to be able to be in touch with bright people from other countries.

Trevor said he is going to Tanzania. Wow!


The interview can be seen here at Treet.TV.


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