Thursday, July 9

Claude Monet and William Merritt Chase - Japanese Costumes

Japanese decoration, kimonos and printings were usual in the late nineteenth-century in Europe and America and it was a cult that originated the word Japanism. The right Monet "Madame Monet in Japanese Costume", 1876, is quite unique and surprising. It's at Bostom Museum. Large version here. Left: Girl in a Japanese Costume, William Merritt Chase, 1890


Stephany said...

Pretty colors!

Sandee said...

It's a bit different for Monet, but I still like it. Monet is my all time favorite. Madame Monet is indeed beautiful.

Have a terrific day Ana. :)

James Oh said...

real master piece

Just Be Real said...

Have not been here in awhile, beautiful. I love all the colors!

Ana said...

Thank you all for the comments.
It keeps us going.