Friday, January 22

Tube map of the Milky Way or an invitation to a trip to London ?

"Design classic that it is, our beloved Tube map has been twisted and distorted into all kinds of ulterior uses over the decades. We're no strangers to such manipulations ourselves. But how's this for the ultimate in schematic ambition?

Samuel Arbesman, a computational sociology fellow at Harvard University and a man who sits on ducks, has come to the aid of intragalactic commuters with this handy Tube map of the Milky Way (bigger image). Each stop on the network represents about 1000 light years, allowing hilarious jokes to be constructed about comparative journey times with the Northern Line.

Pretty cool, though, eh? Unfortunately, the Eurostar to the Andromeda Galaxy is not shown, having got stuck in a black hole.

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This is at Londonist and I have already written about the London underground map here and here. When I saw Mr. Samuel Arbesman's map I didn't even realized what it was about because I first saw Harry Beck's design of the original map. I rather go to London for the moment.


Anonymous said...

These are fascinating and beautiful images. I learn so much from you and this wonderful site. I may not tell you enough, how much I love and appreciate this, but I do. Thank you for taking the time to find these interesting and beautiful pieces to share. I always learn so much and so often am comforted on many levels.


Ana said...

Wow Cheryl!
You make me so happy saying it. I always doubt if what I'm posting is relevant or not.
You made my day and I feel like keep going.
Thank you very much.