Monday, January 10

Gauguin's painting on a wraparound

I came across with this photography that Alan D. Hull shot during his travel to French Polynesia where Gauguin lived after leaving behind his family.
It is a pareo, a wraparound used by women.
I love this Gauguin painting and I think that it is a very beautiful work. I would hang it at my wall if I had it.
Left: Copyright © 2000 by Alan D. Hull


Steve Bossenberger said...

I love Gauguin! He is a wonderful artist!

How have you been?

Ana said...

Hi Steve!
Yes, I love him too. The way he portrays women is amazing.
I'm better now. I'll start physiotherapy next month.
Thank you for asking.

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Very worrying reports from Brazil in the news hope you are ok.
love and hugs.

Ana said...

Hi dear!
Those who are affected are the poor, as always.
They live in poor houses next to the mountains.
It happens since I was a little girl, especially during summer when sometimes it rains too much.
It has nothing to do with climate change.
It has to do with politics. They don't care about people and the poorest the worse. If something was done decades ago the problem would not exist.
thank you very much for the concern.

Anders said...

I am delighted to see that you chose / found such a colorful Gauguin.
and although I have wondered a bit where you disappeared - and wondered in general.
I want to write a long thoughtful text on your other blog, but I do not yet seem ready

Ana said...

I love this painting. It's so peaceful!
I would love to publish something you wrote.
Yes, it is very hard to talk about these experiences.
It hurts too much. Take your time.

Boonchai said...

Thanks.Very informative post. I got it very useful.

geeta said...

beautiful ..amazing paintings..keep it up!!

Ana said...

Boonchai and Geeta,
Thank you very much for the encouragement.
We bloggers need it.

lunaticg said...

That is a beautiful pareo.
How much is it cost? I also ant it for my wall.
See you around.
lunaticg via

Ana said...

Hi lunaticg,
I don't know how much does it cost.
Thank you very much for the visit.

Balqis said...

Love the beautiful painting on the pareo. It's worth to be put as a decoration on the wall. There are so many beautiful and priceless paintings here. Thanks a lot for sharing. :)

Ana said...

Thank you Balqis.
I have to start blogging again.

nothingprofound said...

We have a print of this painting in our house. Gauguin is my wife's favorite painter.

Ana said...

I did a magnet with this painting. When I' at the PC I look at it.
Wish I could see the original.