Thursday, September 12

Brazilian psychoanalyst Joel Birman

Joel Birman is one of the greatest minds we have in Brazil. I attended some of his classes in 2010 and I'm planning to do it again. I don't know him but it is obvious that he is a great human being.
He is speaking in Portuguese. Ask your publisher to translate his work. :)
I'm not blogging lately because I'm studying a lot to understand the basic. It is just like doing college again. I have articles do write and books to read.
I hope that I can find my way and, who knows, help people. I did twenty years of psychoanalysis and now I'm studying the theories I could not study because I didn't want to put in jeopardy my own analysis.
I feared that if I started reading I would question everything.
It is a little painful sometimes reading some stuffs. But... I keep going.


Mark p.s.2 said...

People will pay you money, so that you listen to them. That's when you get your degree.
I wish you the best of luck.

Ana said...

It's not that easy.
The money... yes... the money.
I didn't pay part of my analysis.
I'm not sure if I'll have the guts to be a therapist.
I've been thinking about it since I ended mine.
The thing is that I've been through some stuffs, psychiatry especially, that made me search for what happened to me.
I ended up knowing a lot of things.
I1m still very confused. But I'm studying.

Anonymous said...

This petition was started by, the drug safety & patient rights project cofounded by David Healy. It concerns access to the truth – including the raw data – from drug company clinical trials. This information had started to be released in the European Union, until two U.S. companies, AbbVie and InterMune, filed suit to stop it. US and EU Pharma trade groups are supporting their suit. Healy has launched an international petition campaign against it.

Would love to get some signers from Brazil! Humira, the expensive immune-suppressant drug made by AbbVie, seems to be widely prescribed (for arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease) and FDA has received more complaints from Brazil than any other place outside the USA. (This may be because the drug makes one vulnerable to infections the body would normally fight off, and may be even more problematic in a tropical country than in the USA … not sure.) Plus which of course, the issue goes far beyond this one drug…

Thanks for any support you can give -- and thanks for this blog!

Ana said...

Thank you for the link for the petition. I know and I'm a great admirer of the work of Dr. David Healy.
I didn't know about Humira's problems and the complains of Brazilians.
I would love to help but you have no idea how things are dominated by the official version in Brazil.
There is nothing, not a single site exposing how medicine is being practiced - just aiming profit - nowadays in Portuguese.
I have already checked in French and there is almost nothing.
There is nothing I can do but sign the petition.
That's why I started my first blog in English and as I was used to it this one is also in English instead of my native language.
Thank you very much for the information.