Wednesday, March 19

Matisse's Rosary Chapel in Vence, France

This video gives an idea of the sensation inside the chapel, especially the stained glasses.
Matisse did everything, architecture and the interior stained glasses and the ceramic panels.

It is difficult to have good pictures of a work that changes according to the sun light:

"The alter is situated in the centre of the space and facing the two naves. The colour of the stone in which the chapel was built evokes the colour of the Eucharist (built in stone from the Gard Region of France). The white walls, floor and the ceiling contrast with the stain glass windows which each day allow the day light to penetrate through. The stain glass windows are composed of three colours : yellow (the light of the sun and of God), green (nature) and blue ( the Mediterranean sky). Three big paintings engraved on white ceramic decorate the walls of the chapel. Only the reflection of the stain glass windows project colour on the three compositions."

The official site of the chapel explains everything.

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