Wednesday, July 9

World Cup 2014 humiliation and indignity: Brazil vs Germany match and FIFA's scandal

I've watched the game, you might have watched it too so you now that Germany did 5 goals in 29 minutes and more 2 goals and Brazil only one. The Horror!

Everywhere in the media the words: humiliation and indignity.
It was appalling watching the five goals but even being such a terrible defeat I don't see any humiliation or indignity.
Amazement, sadness, disappointment, anger... but humiliation?

To humiliate:
make (someone) feel ashamed and foolish by injuring their dignity and self-respect, especially publicly.

The shame was not inflicted by Germans.
Brazilians self-inflicted the shame because of the expection of a normal game when the results usually have the numbers 1, 2 and when 3 is achieved it is a surprise.
Nobody lost the dignity and self-respect because something so unusual happened. Till now it is difficult to explain - for some it is easy to point to X, Y or Z but for the vast majority it was unexpected and confusing.

No, it was not an humiliation. It was a historical event because of the number 7 that is for the first time reached in a world cup. But this is part of the game. Just another number to add to the list.

Humiliation and indignity is what FIFA is doing with the black market of tickets for more than two decades.
"The Telegraph" coverage about Raymond Whelan's imprisonment by Brazilian police depict the unscrupulous and criminal fact as an "embarrassment" to FIFA while the defeat of Brazilian team as it was a catastrophe of deadly proportions using and abusing pictures of people crying and full of apocalyptic adjectives.

This is what the mainstream media do all the time: covers up the crimes and exposes what sells and we have to admit that tears sell a lot.

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