Friday, August 29

Dog's skin disease: HELP

Everybody knows that dogs scratch their ears often and there is nothing wrong with that. A quick scratch here and there is normal but for those who have dogs there are some signs: when they scratch too often the fleas alert must be turned on. I noticed that when they scratch the armpits I have to check and in most cases they are there.

The problem is that this time I'm having problems with my male dog that developed a rash and it is spreading. It started in the leg where he lost some hair and now his belly is covered with rashes.

He has been linking himself a lot and I'm using all I'm discovering. I'm stressed now and I fear searching for a vet for I don't trust them and after researching reading numerous testimonies of people who took their pets to numerous vets and they prescribed lots of medicines - antibiotics, anti-histamines - and they didn't work.

I'm using gentian violet and a talcum powder with boric acid and salicylic acid after having used the flea controlling stuffs.

It is outrageous that we cannot trust physicians anymore and something simple is not healed because numerous people have to profit.

Missing the sight of a good scratch!

UPDATE: 09/13. 2014

I'm so happy!
I did passed the antiseptic talcum powder in all the areas of the skin that had the rashes - the belly was terrible and even had blisters of pus - and the gentian violet twice a day.
It is funny that he opened his legs to help the whole process.
After a week I did bath him with an antiseptic soap and kept doing the treatment.
His belly is so beautiful again! The fur that was lost in some tiny areas are back.
There are no fleas anymore in the house I'm not sure they were the cause.
I got this treatment from a comment in a blog where a woman said that after going to numerous vets and using numerous medicines this is how she healed her dog.
It seems to me that gentian violet is not available in US over the counter.
If so, this is sad because I paid US$ 2,00 for it and the talcum powder and the soap costed US$ 5,00.
It took me US$ 7,00 to treat my dog and he didn't take any of these medicines that have a lot of side effects.
I'm so happy!


Mark p.s.2 said...

Ana, think about the negative (bad) stories you have heard. Would you hear of good stories? I think the angry have much more motive to tell their story , rather than someone who was helped (by genuine science).

You might have to put a dog collar-cone on the dog to prevent him from licking himself. It looks like a megaphone. If you put a lotion on the skin you also have to put a cone on him to stop him from licking the lotion.
Only you can decide when the problem is out of control and you have to ask for help from a specialist. Good luck from Mark.

Ana said...

The collar's name is Elizabethan collar.
He is getting better!
I'm so happy I did this research and insisted on this treatment!
Yesterday I gave him a bath with the soap that has the same stuffs the powder has and sulfur.
When later I turned his belly to pass the powder and the gentian violet it was so much better!
Today morning I did the same and he is almost healed!

I'll only update the post when things reach an end.

We have enough reasons not to trust physicians Mark.
Skin problems is extremely difficult to heal and I'm sure he would be on many drugs that it would only make things worse.
It got worse when I gave him antibiotics.
I always try first all I can. He was not getting worse so...
And the female didn't catch anything so I knew it was not contagious.

The thing about Kim, it is his name, is that he is a problematic kid, you know? lol
He fears everything. He fears going out, baths... he came to me like that at the age of two months.

I have to work on that.
Bonnie, the female, is not like this and is quite bold.
But we know that fear overcomes.
I would have to work with him a lot and I'm researching to find some strategies.

Rule number one: don't hold him and pet him when he is showing he's scared.
A lot to learn...
So, the skin problem can also be psychological...
Not sure.
Thank you for dropping by.
I'm not online lately.