Tuesday, September 9

Robin Williams in Actor Studio: Legalize Insanity

I was reading an article about ISIS and was sent to a very good video that I was watching but you know how things are when we are at the internet: we start searching for a lemon pie recipe and end up having a detailed description on how to build a homemade anti-robbery device.
I looked to the right - mental note: never look to the right of the screen while watching a video on YouTube - and I noticed that there are numerous sensationalists stuffs about Robin's death.

I wish that the cause of death of famous people was only revealed after two years of the decease.
But I was lucky enough to find this great video of Robin Williams in "Inside the Actors Studio".
I'm still laughing and decided to share it with you.
In the beginning he is asked about what he means by "Legalize insanity."
This is Robin's legacy and this is what matters. This is what he left for us.

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