Saturday, November 29

Black Friday in Brazil: once again fraud

This is the fourth year that Brazil had it's version of Black Friday and the same thing happened: no discounts.
Forbe's magazine has already written about the Brazilian way of selling on the event.

What is new this year is that the social networks had numerous jokes about the date.

It is becoming known as Black Fraud and people are quite aware that the discounts are not for real.

The right picture is about one of the strategies of phony discounts: they claim the real prize is the double and by cutting it in half on Black Friday the good is sold without discount.

It was said that practices like this one would not happen again but we know how companies are: no ethics whatsoever and poor regulation.

When stores promises discounts upwards of 70% something wrong is being done.

Movie of the day: Black Friday, 1940.

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