Tuesday, February 10

Silence in Chinese

I'm taking a break from blogging so I'm silent here. This is a beautiful word and I started thinking about it and found Silence in Chinese:

this is for the case silence means: quiet, still, silent, stillness, silence, quietness, quietude.

At the page there are others for the cases:

Chinese translations for quietly, softly, gently, faintly, silently, quiet, silence, calm, peace.

Chinese translations for noiseless, quiet, silent, voiceless, breathed, mute, noiselessly, quietly, aphonia, silence.

Now I'm feeling sleepy. That's all.
I'll be back as soon as I awake.


Anonymous said...

In this hectic world I crave for a little silence.

Ana said...

Sometimes it is better to remain silent.
I'm also learning that I have to stop expressing some ideas in some occasions.
I just visited your blog.
Great source of good movies.
Thank you.

Paul S said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Ana said...

:) You so deserve it!