Friday, August 12

Beware: New Computer

I've been away because my two computers decided to get out of order at the same time.
I've no idea why they did it to me.
The new one arrived today. Problem solved? Nope.
I don't know if it is only me but a new computer means that I have to fight the machine and the operating system that changed, and, according to the brand, the stuffs they add require an extra effort.
As soon as I learn how to deal with it all - Lord! The fonts are tiny! - I'll be here again.

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Mark p.s.2 said...

Hi Ana, I am happy to see you back! I wondered what had happened.

I hate the operating systems that came after windows XP.
My Win 8.1 is always scanning the folder when I open it, with a visual bar graph going left to right. What is it doing? I have no idea. Other times when I open a folder it usually tells me there is nothing there for about one second or two. Which is a lie. Then it corrects itself. You do have documents it announces.