Sunday, December 11

Young, rich and famous came out of the closet

Back in the 80ies when rich people didn't make a fuss about their lives, I said to a sociologist that they should show their faces.
I saw poor people's lives being showed, exposed and used in numerous ways and I always thought that it was a little obscene the excess of curiosity about poor people's lives.
Another thing that amazed me was the fact that only their poverty was, and still is, showed and their subjectivity, aspirations, pardon, their "dreams" were never approached.

They are showed as simple minded and shallow. The sociologist didn't pay attention to my crazy idea of having rich people's lives exposed. I wonder what must be thinking about all the rich "celebrities" that are now gladly showing their way of life, and, their intimacy.

Young, middle-aged or older rich people are no longer afraid of showing their houses, their beds their labels and whatever it is necessary to do a sensationalist appearance in a series dedicated to them.

It took me a while to watch some of these shows. I confess: I was not prepared. I had an idea that there were not too much life on their quotidian. But I could not imagine that it reached the lowest level in numerous criteria at least it is what those who came out of the closet are showing.

Some examples: I learned that the capital of Africa is South Africa in one of these shows and that it is not possible to memorize the three last presidents of your nation in another. Naming the current president is quite an achievement.

Showing labels is a must and wearing a huge necklace with the logo of Channel is in as hanging an enormous logo of another brand  on the wall. I wonder what Coco is thinking about it.
 "Always remove one thing before you leave the house. Less is more." Coco Chanel
I could go on and talk about their subjectivity but, seriously, I don't find too much to talk about since I only have access to what is shown on these series.
Anyway, I wonder how can it be that therapy can be done publicly but I believe it is just part of the show and the psychologist is just playing.

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