Monday, June 14

Matisse depicting music

Right: The Music, 1939 Left: The Music Lesson, 1917 Some of Matisse's works is full of music but these are two where he approached the theme directly. They are twenty two years apart and the 1917 one is more analytical and have some elements that are at other Matisse's works. The 1939 painting shows the master in complete control of his oeuvre.


Melissa said...

Personally I enjoy The Music, 1939 a litte more. It seems to somewhat interpret what music would look like with his famous curvy shappes on the wall, while also litterly bring to sruface music with the image of a guitar.

Ana said...

Yes! I agree.
Thank you for the visit.
I'll visit your blog.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Interesting! I do love Matisse and you can see the progression to a more certain and resolute style. Thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for your visit to "Peripheral Vision"!

We'll have to visit more often.

Ana said...

Thank you Lynda.
I will put your blog on my blog list.
I like your paintings.