Wednesday, October 3

Six years without Anna Politkovskaya

                                                                                   © Photo Anna Politkovskaya's family archive
The first post of this blog is a quotation by Anna Politkovskaya.
Whenever I search for pictures of Anna it amazes me by the many expressions and how her always changing  hair helps showing different attributes of this great woman.

The first time I saw Anna Politkovskaya I knew nothing about her. It was a documentary about the Moscow theater siege and she speaks for one or two minutes.
Instantly I knew this woman was special and was deeply concerned with human beings.
I don't wanna talk about those who killed her and I don't even need to know who pulled the trigger.
We know why she was murdered: they hate those who are connected with ethics, integrity, fighting for human rights, truth and it is the same way not only in Russia: it's like this all over the world.

I want to remember Anna as a journalist, activist, thinker a woman of multiple gifts.
She is so above those who killed her that I rather not refer to them in a post about her. I already did.
Next time I'll say nothing but praise and show the work of Anna Politkovskaya.
Let's celebrate her.

Anna Politkovskaya                                30 August 1958 – 7 October 2006

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