Wednesday, January 9

Ashley Smith: commits suicide under police surveillance

I just visited Mark's blog and his last post is about the story of Ashley Smith a 19 years old girl who has spent five years incarcerated.

crime: throwing an apple at a postman
sentence: 30 day spread to 4 years

Update: January, 10
"Please don't taser me. I'm scared!"

This post was at my draft collection and only yesterday I decided to publish.
The images are shocking but... they are at a mainstream media channel.
It means that we can expose it and also discuss about the case.

Unfortunately this is not an exceptional case. It happens all over the world mostly in prisons and mental institutions.
She was a teenager and was going through her rebellious period. She needed to be understood but was sentenced and tortured by  people whose work is torturing people forgetting they're dealing with human beings.

They destroyed Ashley's body, soul and mind. That's what they are taught to do.
Useless to cry over this "story":  that's the work of the media: using cases not to raise awareness about these crimes but to make people believe it is an exception.

No. It is not exception.
R.I.P. Ashley Smith


Mark p.s.2 said...

Hi Ana. I posted this story on Facebook most recently, on my blog I don`t think I referenced the news story very recently.
The important part of the death is that the guards were told not to interfere by a shrink.

Ana said...

I found this post as draft. I did it after seeing at your blog. Yesterday I searched for your post but didn't find it.
Everything about it is outrageous.
And we know that this case appeared at the media but other people receive the same treatment.

Mark p.s.2 said...

November 2, 2012 is when I did the post on my blog. dont-speak-against-the-oz/