Sunday, January 13

Steve Lambert's Drawings for 3 Rooms in Your Home

"I work too hard on this stuff. Simply paying for it and hanging it on a wall is too easy. I don’t want anything I do becoming another inanimate object that decorates someone’s home. I want more. I want ramifications!

So I came up with this. This feels more like a real transaction. Yes, you get to own something I made, but you also accept some responsibility. Put this on your wall and you have to be more honest as a result. It’s more than just an image, it becomes a point of interaction with everyone who comes into your home. It’s simple ink on paper, but wherever it hangs, there’re social implications.

It’s not for everyone."
Steve Lambert

It is fair, isn't it? You can buy them here.

I discovered Steve Lambert today and I'm loving his work. Visit  his site and be sure I'll make another post about him.

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