Thursday, November 28

Medicine: Doctors leading to your demise

This is a must-see for all of us for it is about how are diseases are being treated.

"Your doctor is one of the agents who is most likely to lead to your demise these days rather than a person who is likely to save you."
Dr. David Healy

"Prescription only arrangements are there to control addictive behaviors.
Doctors have a police function whether they like it or not."
Dr. David Healy

""Drug-induced death is at least the third leading cause of death."
Dr. David Healy

CEO of patients' organisation National Voices Jeremy Taylor, practicing consultant and President of the Royal College of Psychiatry Sue Bailey, and outspoken head of Data Based Medicine Ltd. and Pharmageddon author and psychiatrist David Healy question medical authority.


Mark p.s.2 said...

I just discovered a "vaccine" shot that may have been really an Eugenics project. In the vaccine they had antibodies to train the female human immune system to recognize pregnancy as a disease , so a woman after getting this vaccine could never carry a embryo-fetus-baby to term. Google "anti-hCG antibodies".

Ana said...

It's appalling! I'm horrified.