Friday, November 1

Nell meeting the creator

You came into my life and you were everywhere in this house. You asked for nothing but tenderness and filed my heart and soul with something that is hard to explain for it is an emotion that is not related to any kind of human connection.

You had a wisdom that I could never understand but I felt it when I looked at you and you stared me back.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were on a table being you, and just by being you little by little you gained my devotion.

My little angel. You were my guardian angel sometimes, you know that.
I remember you running towards me, straight to my arms.

You got sick and, in 2008, the first surgery, the second in 2011 showed that you were not well.
But you were brave and against all odds you were here till last night.
You started feeling sick two weeks ago. You could not breath. It was getting difficult you could not see and listen anymore.

Yesterday I prayed for God that if you were in pain that he should have mercy.
Today morning I searched for you and you were not in any place you used to be. You were under the armchair with your head showing.

I took you and God, I believe Him occasionally, answered my prayers.

Go my angel, go, go, my angel and find peace to have fun and play.

It is aching because I'm missing you and your body is still here. But is is just a body.
Little angel,I'll never forget you but time will make this pain go away and I'll remember those tiny little things that we shared.

I cannot stop writing... as if I stopped I would have to face your absence,
I'm listening to these songs that express what I'm feeling in a way.
I have to let you go my angel.
Go, go sweet angel.


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Man's best friend and most loyal companion. They are part of the family and give unconditional love all the time. What a sad moment when the house is no longer filled with the one that greets you each day, and cuddles up to you each night. It is a very sad loss indeed. A beautiful post to say 'goodbye' to the one you had so much love for. (sorry I wasn't able to listen to the music)

Ana said...

I don't know why you cannot listen to the songs.
Thank you so much for the support Rum-Punch!
Nell says from where she is bark, bark,... arf arf arf , bark...

Mark p.s.2 said...

I am sorry for your loss.

Ana said...

Thank you Mark.
She has to go because she was very sick.
I'm sure she is fine and I hope she is running and meeting new friends.
I'm ok now.