Sunday, May 18

Playing piano is not that difficult

I went to second life yesterday and found out that finally my microphone is working. So I talked to some people and started researching for the places I like the most. Van Gogh's house is gone and it made me vary sad because that experience of walking in Arles and finding his pictures was great.
So I went to Da Vinci's Gardens to play the piano one more time.

For those who are asking if I play the piano, no, I don't play the piano but in a virtual world your hands move and your movements are done whether you want it or not.
Wanna stop playing? Just stand up. 

Have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I agree--playing the piano isn't that hard. :) I started playing at 39. A great book to learn from is Evan A. Copp's Everything Piano Book. First believe you can learn, then practice. Repeat if necessary. Suddenly you'll notice you can play that piano and you might even notice is isn't that hard. :)

Ana said...

I envy you. I would have to use one of those keyboards cause I don't have space for a real piano.

Heimlaga said...

You can find the Van Gogh's site here:

It has moved to Littlefield grid.

Ana said...

Thank you Heim,
i have already been there. I took some pictures. It is still under construction.