Sunday, May 4

Ukraine: Odessa massacre 2014

Ukrainian fascists, "by US license", more brutally than was reported, murdered people in the building of Trade Union at 2nd May.

War crimes of fascists junta in Ukraine during massacre in the building of Trade Union in the city Odessa at 2nd May are more monstrous and horrible. Gangs of Kiev junta entered the building through the windows and side door , chased the people there , anti-fascists were severely beaten with iron rods , some were cut by axes, raped. Ukrainian fascists mocked people , and then they were shot . Half of antifascists in the house of Trade Unions , which were examined by the police , died from gunshot wounds . Then they poured people by mixture of Molotov cocktail , burning oil leaves white patches , so you can see it on the floor next to the corpses in previous pictures from place of crime.

In this photo corpse of a woman, fascists strangled her , clutching to the table. She was pregnant. This photo was made at day of 3rd May in an office of building of Trade Union. In the right side at the other table and floor can be seen scattered objects , a woman fighting for her life , she tried to open the window. She struggled and screamed for about 2 minutes , at least there is 2x minute video with her cries for help. This woman was just an employee of Trade Unions House , but it did not save her from a terrible death.
On the videotape , except screams woman heard cries of Nazis surrounded the building, they shouted: " kill her that she did not screamed" ," she is not a woman, she is separatist ", "she is not a woman, she is parasite ." Later her murderers wave flag of Ukraine in the window and crowd cheers it and scream: "Hurra!", "Glory to Ukraine!".

U.S. and the EU have grown in Ukraine real fascists, they brought them to power. U.S. and EU gave to the Ukrainian fascists a license to murder dissidents and dissenters , and to the fascists junta was given the right to " legitimate violence."

Number of people who were murdered on May 2nd in the building of Trade Unions in Odessa actually more than 80 people, according to other estimates, more than a hundred. Police and local authorities reduced number of victims in order to reduce anger residents of Odessa.. Besides continue to die in hospitals brutally beaten participants of antifascist protest, who were brutally beaten during 2nd May at streets of Odessa and at building of Trade Union by fascists. Their internal organs were severely damaged, they can live a maximum during 1-2 months. These people over a hundred and fifty.

Video, there you can hear screams of woman, note that fascists murdered people even then firemen extinguished the fire and tried to save some people from the burning building.

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