Saturday, June 28

Brazil vs Chile: referee Howard Webb ruled out Brazilian legal goal and FIFA will do nothing

Vine @vineapp
The goal was legal as everybody can see:
The ball in Hulk's chest and no hands
There has been controversies the whole week and Chileans, Alexis Sanchez especially, put pressure claiming that the referee would protect Brazil in the match. More details on The Telegraph's article
It worked. A legal goal was ruled out and the whole match was favorable to the Chilean team.
Despite the numerous advantages British referee conceded to the Chilean team and even by Brazilian team itself that is not playing it's best football Chile didn't scored it's second goal and the the decision had to be done in penalty kicks.
FIFA should start thinking on solving the problems bought by a bad arbitrage. We all saw the goal was legal but the match keeps going as if no injustice was done.
The technology is there but FIFA refuses to use it as an enhancement for the arbitrage.

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