Tuesday, June 3

Democracy Now is not alternative: Amy Goodman should stop asking for donation

Take a good look and find out who sponsors who.
Chomsky at least does not ask for money but Amy Goodman is sending e-mails begging for money from us every fifteen days. How much is enough Amy Goodman?

"This page presents various articles created by the investigative journalists Bob Feldman and Brian Salter on the website QuestionsQuestions.net which explain that many popular leftist media outlets such as ”Democracy Now!” have their information heavily biased by globalist establishment foundations and the CIA.

Disappointingly, an examination behind the scenes of many media outlets such as ”Democracy Now!” reveal that they are controlled by the same global elite who control all major mainstream news sources. Conflicts of interest exist that are potentially very dangerous due to their audience's unsuspecting level of trust and the general lack of criticism such outlets receive.

A defining characteristic of the bias at such media outlets is their supplying of disinformation meant to forward deceptive establishment globalist objectives— including about issues such as the economy, global warming, pharmaceutical corruption, terrorism, liberties and rights, as well as their concealing of the most genuine mechanisms of corruption in the political processes of the United States and the rest of the world."
Source: News of Interest.org.

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