Friday, October 10

Brazilian elections 2014: US coup d'état through manipulation and lies

In the right picture George Soros with Armínio Fraga the adviser of the Washington's candidate Aécio Neves.
Next Sunday, 26, Brazilians will vote in the second round of presidential elections.
This country has been suffering intervention since August 2013 when CIA and George Soros's strategists led people to protest all over the big cities creating chaos with the help of black blocs and all their knowledge to destabilize a country.

I'm overwhelmed and extremely sad and feeling humiliated.
For the first time there was a chance to Brazil to choose it's way but Washington's intervention is not through a military coup like in 1964.
Brazilian mainstream media is helping with all the power it has, the social networks are crowded of people putting citizens from the north of Brazil against those in the south and... I'm sorry... I'm too emotional.
I'll recover but Dilma Rousseff's defeat will represent a problem not only to Brazil but for Latin America.

I'm sorry I can't give more details for the moment. I have to calm down because it is not easy to watch your country on the verge of being put in the hands of other people's interests.
And we didn't had a bloodshed. I cannot imagine the sufferance of those in Iraq, Libya Syria, Gaza...
Whenever I see an American flag it is not the American people that appears in my mind: it is Washington and allies.

The video is Egberto Gismonti's "Clown" that I posted to remember with the laugh of the children that they will be there to fight for Brazilian's sovereignty.

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