Wednesday, October 15

Edelweiss: "Bless my homeland forever"

I was a child when I watched "The Sound of Music" so I was confused about what was the real threat but it was clear to me that forces beyond people's power were causing a lot of sufferance.
In my homeland we were under dictatorship, I'm Brazilian.

I feel sad when I listen to this song and now because history is about to repeat itself.
This is an election month and fascists forces have a candidate that is being backed by mainstream media, US, George Soros, CIA all of those institutions and corporations that profit at the expenses of the people.

In the movie the song "Edelweiss" is sang by the Captain when they sing in a festival so that they could flee from Austria.

Edelweiss also refers to 'Edelweiss Pirates' a loose protest group against the Nazis, made up of youths that suffered persecution. (history here).

The word "homeland" is for me the right one to express how important it is to our identities the place we were born whether we want it or not. I'm sure I would be different If I was born elsewhere in this planet.
It is is time or troubles, when we fear our homeland is being put in the wrong direction we remember we need to take good care of it always for it is our home land.


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