Wednesday, October 12

Brazilian children's day: "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and UNICEF lies

"In Brazil, Children's Day (In Portuguese: Dia das Crianças) is celebrated on 12 October, coinciding with Our Lady of Aparecida's day, the country's Patron Saint holiday. It is also the day of the "discovery" of America (Columbus Day), in reference to the "New Continent". In Brazil Children's day is celebrated by kids receiving presents from their parents." (emphasis mine) Wikipedia.

We do not follow the international day November, 20. I dedicate this song to all of those children who are being mistreated or even killed because they are poor and black.

This is a reality and nobody cares. UNICEF claims on their site - The right to grow without violence* - that they are working but in reality, nothing is being done.

*"UNICEF works to mobilize governments and society to transform this situation. In addition, UNICEF has supported improved reporting systems and stimulated specialized care, which strengthen both family and community life." - it is a lie. UNICEF does nothing.

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