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URGENT Brazil coup 2016: Coup plotters to arrest Lula at any moment by Eduardo Guimarães

I did a quick translation of this highly important post by Brazilian blogger Eduardo Guimarães who has been working for more than ten years.
It was published on his blog "Blog da Cidadania" - "Citizenship Blog"

Coup plotters to arrest Lula at any moment
by Eduardo Guimarães October 14, 2016

This is a very sad day for this blogger. I have received reliable and credible information that Lula may be arrested at any moment promoting a spectacle set by Globo Channel in a partnership with Car Wash taskforce.

All the mainstream media already have the details of the arresting operation. It will not be a surprise if the arrest takes place next Monday.
The prison has been preceded by successive indictments of the former president, engineered to "start preparing the spirit" of the population.

After the arrest, the judge Sergio Moro will sentence Lula quickly - perhaps even this year - and by the middle of next year he will be sentenced on appeal.  All the arrangements have been made.

Coup plotters consider that there will be a public outcry with the measures of suppression of rights and elimination of social programs that come around and, in this context, Lula's recall will rise with unprecedented force.

This is currently being considered the ideal time to arrest Lula because most of society is still very angry with the Worker Party (PT) and that anger tends to blur when it becomes more clear that the coup was struck to take away from people the benefits given precisely by PT.

Lula and close associates will be taken to Curitiba, where the possibility of great popular movements in reaction to the act will be lower.

Not much else to say besides that if this country does not react to this arbitrariness, political prisons will not be restricted to Lula. Lula's arrest will trigger a witch hunt to imprison all the main opponents of the radical right-wing consortium which took power.
The arrest of leftist political leaders will be vital to prevent a major defeat of the right-wing on 2018.

The plan is to make the electronic ballot box having only strong candidates of the right-wing in two years. The only leftist candidates will be silly candidates of the parties PSOL and PSTU, who will not have a chance.

With the implementation of "scorched earth tactics" measures razed as the PEC 241, the "comeback" of the PT is taken for granted by the coup plotters, so they want to arrest Lula and many left leaders as they can while they are still strong, as the parties PSDB and PMDB will soon be politically razed with its genocidal policies in the federal government.

Unfortunately, my source is safe. And I was not taken by surprise. I was sure this was going to happen. The information  that was passed to me only surprised me by the timing; I thought that the final coup would be given next year.

However, it makes sense to arrest Lula now. In a few months the effect of PEC 241, withdrawal of labor rights, pension reform, outsourcing and the tightening of social programs will make unacceptable the arrest of the person for which Brazil will return through the scorched-earth policy that PSDB and PMDB are preparing.

I urge each of you that follow me in this 11-year journey to not only disclose this alert but to prepare to fight. Brazil is under a dictatorship and we have to report it to the world. Only international pressure can help us."

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