Monday, September 18

Power of words for good or evil: repairing you mental typewriter

Some people don't pay attention to the power of words until they are eating and someone says  "I saw a cockroach and some rats in the backyard. There is rat poop all over the garden." or "She vomited yesterday because she was too drunk." 
"Do you really have to say these words while I'm eating?" 

Funny. but some people even though than can't stand some words while eating they do not believe in talking therapy. Some say awful things to their children that disempower them.

Another way that shows how words are powerful is when they mislead. 
Someone says something with words but the body's language says the opposite. According to Bateson it is among the "double-bind" tactics that can be concious or not. 
It was R. D. Laing who explained that someone being constantly exposed to this behaviour could experience emotional problems.  

Being careful with the words and also creating a shield in order they don't hurt is quite an achievement. One of the things that can be done is detaching the meaning and the word by repeating it until the "significant"  - the "physicality" of the word - is the only thing that is left.

I believe that every person who is being submitted to verbal abuse of any kind must develop a strategy to create a shield against the power of words. The goal is indifference to the content making a shift to understand that after all it is only words. Repeat them! Laugh at them! Agree with the person: "-Yes, I'm completely crazy. You have no idea how crazy I am." 

Tools to repair typewriters. 

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