Wednesday, September 20

Terry Eagleton: "The Death of Criticism?"

Lately I'm listening to a lot of lectures and it was a pleasure to find Terry Eagleton's videos.
As I have a degree in literature I have read two of his books that was translated into Brazilian Portuguese.
Terry, may I call you like this master?, has a great sense of humour and raises numerous important issuers this world is facing.
I feel like buying some of his books but now that I can listen to the sound of his voice I'll buy it in the original language.
I'm going to listen to another of his lectures. Have a great day!

Excerpts from this video: "What sort of society is it where the possible is always superior to the actual?"

34:04 "I mean, of course, the second 9/11, not the first (...) in 1971 where the US violently overthrew the democratic elected government of Salvador Allende of Chile and installed in his place a odious dictator who went on to kill far more people that ever were killed in the World Trade Centre."

The Brazilian Portuguese version of two of Terry Eagleton's books.

It was read and will be read again.

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