Friday, February 19

Courbet, lesbianism, voyeurism, friendship, Barbies and Christian censorship

Sleepers by Gustave Courbet is one of the themes that artists depicted that is stitl causing scandal nowadays.
I was searching for another of his paintings and came across with Kristine Milde's "Sleepers after Courbet" at this site dedicated to Barbie in many way. I also found at this site Courbet's painting with Christ's tags covering breasts and pubic parts.
I am a little bit astonished that someone can do such a thing with a painting especially using as tag using a medieval painting of the Christ.
It is quite ironic.
The "Two Friends" was part of the 19 century's iconography as you can see in the Klimt's and Lautrec's painting.
I think that it has to do with the eyes of the beholder.
I think it is very interesting recreating Courbet's work with Barbies.

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