Thursday, October 21

I won the Prolific Blog Award - Prolific? Me? I don't understand why anybody would think of me as prolific because I do my best, all I can not to talk

I wonder why the title has a certain amount of characters that we can not exceed. What if we want to give a synopses of what is in the post? The title would be more... I will write a post about it.
Now I want to thank Herrad for this award. Almost all awards I have came from her and this is an extra bonus because she is quite a woman.
I will come back after lunch to pass my list.
Thank you Herrad.
I think of these awards as something that unite bloggers and an opportunity of telling others that we appreciate them.
This is the first list:
Mariane at Anthing goes :)
Shoaib at Smaleque's Blog
Tommaso at Emgrammi
Bellestina at Elegy of the Euphoric .
I know that some bloggers don't like putting awards at their sites but I'm choosing some of them to show I like them. They understand.


Steve Bossenberger said...

Thank you for the award. I humbly accept! It is always nice to be recognized for something that you do, especially when it is something I Love to Do!
Thanks again!

Balqis said...

Thanks so much for the award. It means a lot to me. It really came as a surprise!

Thank you so much for your frequent visit to my blog. It inspires me to write more! :)

mariane santos said...

yey! i got an award??? *scratching* clueless, why? --because at first i didn't knew what the word prolific means but now, i understand. :) me and my poor vocabulary! LOL

thank you for the award! i didn't expect anyone to really like my blog and actually read and follow it. i'm so happy that someone appreciates the things i post there. :D

Ana said...

Thank you all for the blogs.
Yes Mariane, blogging is something strange because we do it because we want but we would love that people liked it too.
I feel the same. Even thou this blog has a lot of visits I always doubt I'm doing something others like.
I like the "Obey" avatar you created.