Saturday, October 30

Paris Hilton love and hate list

I was concerned that Paris Hilton has never appeared in this blog and, let's face it, a blog that doesn't have a post about this woman is not worth reading.
So here she is! She love presents, pink, chocolate, animals... and puppies and bought many along the years! You can see the beautiful Gucci or Louis Vuitton(?) bag she bought to incarcerate the dog she just bought.
Buying is the verb of this woman an activity she loves and practice very often.
You can notice that all she listed are things and stuffs that are consumable. Friends? Yes, they are supposed to be priceless but some people say that everybody has a price and she said "I love animals better than people." And she like to meet her friends to gossip.
I wonder what happens at a meeting when one of the friends is not there.
She is very sensitive! As you can see she has a great fake crying.
I loved that!
Happy Halloween!

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