Saturday, October 9

Mimetism: imitating to survive

Left: Flounder in Italy (picture by tropposnello)
Right: Flounder in Brazil (by MLyra)
Mimetism is the way some animals avoid predators by imitating natural elements like the color of the environment they live.
Flounders have stains in their bodies that mimic the soil they live.
Two examples of how precise they are.
There are other forms of camouflages like "playing dead".
Click to enlarge the pictures. It took me a while to understand the left picture.


DB said...

Fascinating pictures, Really striking. Thank you.

Ana said...

Thabk you DB.
I also loved these pictures.

Steve Bossenberger said...

It is amazing what animals can do. Insects, fish, reptiles - They can all use camouflage to hide themselves. Sometimes I wish us humans could do that too. :)

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Ana said...

I wish I could be invisible sometimes.

Thank you for the award.
I did register at the site.